Processo Anevrotico Terapeutico


Activities of the Anevrotic Process

The Anevrotic Trend is not a condition that is taken only or above all by studying the topic that theorizes its aspects. As we move forward in the exposure of the Anevrotic Process, in the decline of its properties, it is well understood that mental characteristics are distinguished not only from what the mind assumes, but even more from what it renounces to understand


  • The inaccessible personality

    Between the mind and the condition of consciousness has activity a spontaneous barrier that tends to moderate the strength of emotions in order to protect the integrity of the subject

  • Defence

    The ability to sense and elicit emotions is subject to a form of limitation, that is, all emotions that can produce destabilization are attenuated, until they become inadvertent. With the "social" or therapeutic Anevrotic Process, the emotional reading of reality, often greatly reduced, tends to be extended intensely

  • Therapeutic communication

    The personal distortions of reality due to one's life experience and emotional association with reality prevent in the communicator the anevrotic transmission to the subject to whom the message is directed, which opposes communication characterized by neurotic distortions, the barriers of its Protective System

  • Tending towards Anevrosis

    Anevrosis is tended without being able to reach it, it is manifested through the balanced and permanent association between emotions and reality

  • Unconscious and mind

    We wanted to define the Unconscious, we could say that it is the individual ideative set alien to consciousness. The mind is to be understood as an entity other than the Unconscious; it is based on the condition of the ideative functioning as well as the state of consciousness

  • The thought that hinders mutation

    Everyone in the expression of the personal reading of reality, appears egosintonic, that is, he believes that he can have a certain attitude and therefore tends to repeat it as necessary in the context of his own existence and with the tools at his disposal