Processo Anevrotico Terapeutico


Annevrosis and psychological physiology

Mental activity is composed progressively by reacting and interpreting reality, conforming step by step the skills that determine the general psychic aspect. Among them is the Anevrotic Process, a characteristic spontaneously present in mankind whose fundamental aspects are presented below.


  • Creativity and change

    The characteristics of the mental condition require you to decide differently than what would suggest an apparent practical convenience; as a result, we ignore the authentic reasons for feelings or behaviors that have an eminently mental origin, therefore apparently irrational

  • Mental protective system

    the mind beyond all propensity and appearance, is aimed at one aspect: the protection of its own functioning

  • System independence

    It is necessary to remember that the unknown part of the human being has no moral, has no law nor is directed by affections, just as these are understood in the classical sense. It is completely anarchic and first protects not itself, not the individual to which it belongs, but its own functioning

  • The expression of discomfort

    The mind operates choices and applies preferences from which behaviors arise, following a simplified logic, with the first spontaneous intention of making inoffensive the arguments from which fear prevails and to conform to those who in its approach express Pleasure

  • The project of inertia

    The mind follows indecipherable criteria through the use of common reason, pursuing the objectives guarded in the intimate condition of the subject, in which it can give pleasure to a victory as much as suffering, if it is understood and "required" by the setting intimacy

  • Human anevrosis

    Anevrotic psychology is not something to be "invented", since it already lives in the human condition; rather, it should be identified the conformation in order to repeat it therapeutically

  • Functional anxiety and pathology

    The use of anxiety, however present from the first set-up at the end of the Primum Core, is functional and provided by the need to react to that depression, the first great test of individuality in the course of personal development, pressing in the growth that is taking place