Processo Anevrotico Terapeutico


Human system and dysfunction

The Mental System has refined characteristics, in them the dysfunctions are not only the consequence of a psychological setting difficulty, but also represent the attempt to make reality manageable. It is at this stage that traces of malaise, which can be healed by the Anevrotic Processes with which the individual comes into contact, are exposed in the spontaneous search for greater balance. Thus begins an activity that will not end in the course of the whole existence, aimed at reordering the mental structure


  • The choice of in-depth

    The ability to access an anevrotic restoration of personality corresponds to the inner need to emancipate; it is a need that takes effect at any moment of active existence, aimed at the search for one's own balance

  • Behavior and crisis of therapeutic models

    Today it is even more evident that the conjunction between thought and behaviour is very undirected and in any case full of questions that cannot be ignored

  • The balance of discomfort

    Frustrations lead to the consolidation of inadequacies, tolerated by distortions until they could no longer be distinguished from what would have been normal. the subject loses the awareness of his own suffering and hides it in the distortion of reality

  • Detachment and chronicity

    In the human being it is a frequent "solution" to reject any thematic that would lead to the dismantling of the current state, then remain on the surface of reflections in relation to the perceived problems and not deepen its components; for this reason, those who are not driven by a psychological malaise, very rarely tend to find emotional answers and explanations different from those already available

  • Origin of discomfort

    At the end of the formation of the Primum Core the individual as a whole is composed and in it the mind and brain combine, seeking a balance that is never stable but rather subjected to a continuous mutation; without any aspect of consciousness involved, in a continuous and spasmodic search for balance that follows the natural change of human characteristics