Processo Anevrotico Terapeutico


Mental structure

The activity of thought is composed of the whole individual personality, in which the ability to interpret and react effectively to reality takes place. At this stage, typical conditions in the subject's life are observed and examined, in which adaptation to reality and reaction to the environment are carried out, while the emotional experience expresses mental functions. Personality characteristics emerge, in which thought manifests its own conditions


  • Unexplored aspects

    The arguments that in the course of life are able to provide desires and fears are similar among men, the only condition that makes them partially different concerns the distortions with which each is interpreted; they are due to what life experiences have conveyed to the subject and how he understood and hired them64

  • Study of human characteristics

    The human ability to produce behavior and vary its characteristics, leads to adapt to reality spontaneously, the result of a rational and known logic. But man is not his behavior; even less is the direct consequence or is explained by its manifestations

  • Spontaneous evolutionary transmission

    The human tendency pursues an annevrotic end in a scheme that affects the entire species as a whole of its history. Phylogenetic development, such as that of the individual, has a natural tendency towards balance; thanks to this propensity the individual develops a maturation

  • Individual capacity and time

    In the mind time changes shape and abandons its own dimension, until it has characteristics of similarity between individuals. The human mind does not live the sense and perception of time in an ordinary way, but processes it by nullifying its value

  • Awareness of thoughts

    We do not own the Psyche, rather it directs us, until and until we know of us

  • The Thoughts of the Deep

    From the reality of which we are aware we can observe only what happens on the surface, while the depth is unknown to us. Deep down, the thoughts and mental movements that each existence arouses have life