Processo Anevrotico Terapeutico


The Anevrotic Function

The formation of the individual psychological structure continues through the abilities that characterize the human being, called to face the emotional heritage to which he must both react and consent. In this dynamic of development there are at the same time the capacity expressed eminently in the sentimental sphere and the need to protect themselves from it through the psychic systems of defense that avoid the fragility that comes with it


  • Unconscionable communication

    Communication is not only about the transfer of meanings, but also about the whole of sensations that contain unexpressed meanings, which take place in a completely unconscious way through the tools available to the species

  • The distortion of desire

    The first spontaneous intent of the mind is to avoid any form of restlessness; to condescend to this powerful demand the very image of reality is blurred to the point of being totally incomprehensible, with the aim of dissolving a meaning that would give uncertainty or sufferingdarebbe incertezza o patimento.

  • The emotions of change

    Communication, which is capable of producing deep emotional learning, is not able to take place by means that exclude the broader sensory capacity, since it is from these that the human depth is released and it is in them that it is determined communication channels needed to compose the anevrotic message

  • Activities and annevrosis

    The anevrotic condition is a condition that is realized within the individual, not only as a result of a reflexive effort, but rather as a result of the spontaneous tendency towards the emotional understanding of one's own and others

  • The social sense of the anevrotic process

    As a result of the personality set-up, the individual can access potentially unlimited personal improvement

  • Unwitting content and psychotherapy

    The relevant and of great interest issue, orbits the possibility of carrying out psychotherapy on the basis of the procedure existing in nature, restoring the set of emotional associations that have led to discomfort