Processo Anevrotico Terapeutico


Trials and developments of the PAT

The conditions examined suggest that the Anevrotic Process is a circumstance spontaneously present in both the evolutionary conduct and that of the maintenance of the human species, of which it appears to be an integral part


  • PAT experimentation

    Psychotherapy, through the TAP Therapeutic Anevrotic Process, was developed through various disciplines, examined in conjunction with the trial corroborated by the corrually statistical system of electroencephalographic analysis and further psychophysiological investigations

  • The condition of synesthesia

    Synesthesia consists of a condition that affects a relatively small number of individuals in which an environmental stimulus produces effects in several channels at the same time

  • Historical consequences of snow-making deficiencies

    This clinical approach has the typical limitations of our species, which consist of a radical aversion to any change in the mental state of the subject. Such conduct is tenaciously hampered by the same human capacity that guarantees the survival of our species, hindering any variation in the personality